Distinguished Musician Certificate Download Page


This award is presented to a band member who, in the opinion of their band director, has shown superior musicianship, leadership, dependability, loyalty and cooperation.


The award shall be presented by a band director who is a member of a CBA affiliate. Two awards per band per year may be awarded.


You can download the Adobe Acrobat PDF file below and add the name(s) of your recipient(s), change the date, and add the Band Director's name right on the document, then print it out and sign it.  You can use either the colour or black & white version.


All you need is:

  •  Adobe Acrobat

  •  A printer

  •  Some nice paper for the certificate


Download and save the certificate below to your computer. Then open in Adobe Acrobat to add student names.


* Do not open the file in your internet browser and try to insert the names. This may lead to unpredictable results as not all browsers handle the file properly.


 Click here for Colour Distinguished Musician Certificate

Click here for Black & White Distinguished Musician Certificate