"To promote and develop the musical, educational and cultural values of band and band music in Canada"

The Canadian Band Association is a national organization representing and supporting school, university, military and community bands, band directors, students, parents, administrators, the music industry, composers, arrangers and all those interested in bands and band music across Canada.


"Pour promouvoir et developperles valeurs musicales, educatives et culturelles des orchestres d'harmonies du Canada"


L'Association canadienne des harmonies est un organisme national représentant et appuyant les harmonies scolaires, universitaires, militaires et communautaires, les directeurs d’harmonies, les étudiants et leurs parents, les compositeurs, arrangeurs, administrateurs et toutes personnes reliées à l’industrie de la musique, ainsi que tous ceux qui s’intéressent aux orchestres d’harmonie et à la musique pour harmonie à travers le Canada.


The National youth Band of Canada is a unique musical experience that provides Canada’s talented student musicians, ages 16-22, with an outstanding opportunity to perform and network with a renowned Canadian conductor, guest soloist and the country’s top young instrumentalists. Students from across Canada are united by their love of music, their desire to create a challenging concert program all within a positive atmosphere while creating lifelong friendships.

Canadian Winds is the professional journal of the Canadian Band Association. The journal seeks to be both a scholarly and pedagogical publication accessible to all instrumental music educators. The first issue of the journal was released in the fall of 2002. Canadian Winds is published bi-annually, in the fall and spring.


NEW - Index to Canadian Winds / Volumes 1-15 Fall 2002 – Spring 2017 (Compiled by Timothy Maloney, University of Minnesota)

The Canadian Band Association is facilitating a consortium of ensembles that together will create a fund used to finance the CBA Howard Cable Memorial Prize in Composition for the purpose of encouraging the creation of high quality works for band from emerging Canadian composers.

Purpose: Ensemble directors have immediate access to many lists of exceptional repertoire. The CBA will be featuring a Canadian composition every month in order to raise awareness of high quality works for band.

The Canadian Band Association presents the following National and International awards: National Band Award, International Band Award, and Canadian Composers Award.

This award is presented to a band member who, in the opinion of their band director, has shown superior musicianship, leadership, dependability, loyalty and cooperation. The award shall be presented by a band director who is a member of a CBA affiliate. Two awards per band per year may be awarded.

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