a.   This award shall be presented to a CBA Member who has made an outstanding contribution to band across Canada.

        This award will recognize those individuals who have contributed to the promotion, growth, and development of the musical,

        educational, and cultural values of band throughout Canada.

  b.   Normally, one award will be given per year.

  c.   This award is the premiere band award in Canada.




This award shall be presented to a person who has embraced the ideals of the Canadian Band Association outside Canada and is recognized for their contribution to the international band movement, or who has represented Canada or served in a official capacity in organizations outside Canada.




This award shall be presented to a Canadian Composer who has made a significant contribution to band repertoire.


SELECTION AND PRESENTATION OF CBA AWARDS:      Submissions Due by Friday November 13th, 2020!



       i.   The CBA Vice-President will solicit nominations from provincial chapters.

       ii.   The CBA Vice-President will present a list of nominees to the CBA Board of Directors for selection at the fall meeting

       iii.  Information for nomination/presentation will include:

     1.  award the candidate is being nominated for (one per year).

     2.  name and address of candidate.

     2.  name of nominating chapter (nominations are sent via the CBA Chapter to the CBA VP).

     3.  a resume/CV/bio of the candidate supporting the nomination.

     4.  a photograph or two of the candidate (if possible).


       i.   The CBA Vice-President will notify the award recipient and the appropriate provincial chapter of the award and make arrangement for

            an appropriate presentation of the award.

       ii.  The CBA Vice-President will forward a press release and photo of the award recipient to the editor of Canadian Winds.

       iii.  The CBA Executive Director will prepare and send a plaque (accompanied by a letter of congratulations from the CBA President) to

             the award presenter.

       iv.  The award will be presented at a major provincial or national event if possible in order to maximize public exposure for the recipient,

             the sponsoring affiliate and the CBA.

       CBA Vice-President is Tricia Howe.



  • This award is presented to a band member who, in the opinion of their band director, has shown superior musicianship, leadership, dependability, loyalty and cooperation. The award shall be presented by a band director who is a member of a CBA affiliate. Two awards per band per year may be awarded.

  • This award will be a bilingual CBA certificate signed by the CBA President and the band director. Certificates are online in Adobe PDF format.

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