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British Columbia Band Association
The British Columbia Band Association (BCBA) is a non-profit organization serving community bands throughout the province of British Columbia in Canada. We seek to foster, promote, and encourage the establishment, growth, and development of band music in British Columbia through national, provincial, regional, and local programs, resources, and social activities.
Alberta Band Association
The ABA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote & develop the musical, educational and cultural value of bands and band music in Alberta. Membership includes school, community and military band directors, composers and clinicians, administrators, students, parents, and the general public. ABA enables members to work together through numerous programs, services & PD.
Saskatchewan Band Association
The SBA (1983) is a non-profit, charitable organization. The SBA is open to any individual, group or organization interested in furthering the development of bands in Saskatchewan. The Association represents community bands, school bands, the Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association, band directors, music educators, parent associations, students, education institutions, community & music associations.
Manitoba Band Association
The MBA (1977) is a non-profit charitable organization which promotes the growth and development of band in Manitoba through regional and provincial programs and activities. The MBA is supported by a membership base of over 400 community bands, music educators, music students, industry partners and others who share its goals.
CBA Ontario Chapter
The CBA-Ontario is one of two band associations found in Ontario. While the CBA-Ontario’s principle focus is towards community, professional and military level organizations, the OBA focuses on music found in the schools, and its educators. This division of responsibilities allows each association to focus more on the organizations that it supports, while maintaining close ties with the opposite organization.
Ontario Band Association
The Ontario Band Association (OBA) is a network of music leaders dedicated to inspiring, enriching and connecting students and educators to share, explore, and enhance the experience of music through bands.
Quebec Band Association
The founding members of the Quebec Band Association (QBA) met initially at Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers (QPAT) in 2001. The group was spearheaded by Teresa Lescaudron, Renée Raymond and Lynne Tucker. They enthusiastically guided a group of band teachers toward what we have become today, a vibrant and significant voice on the educational horizon in Quebec.
New Brunswick Band Association
The New Brunswick Band Association is a provincial organization representing and supporting community and school bands, band directors, students, parents, administrators, the music industry, composers, arrangers and all those interested in bands across New Brunswick and beyond.
Nova Scotia Band Association
NSBA’s mission is to support and promote the development of bands throughout the province of Nova Scotia through communication, coordination, program development, advocacy and lobbying at the provincial level.
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