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2016 Composition Competition Winner


The winner of the 2016 Canadian Band Association Composition Competition is The Meeting Place by Manitoba composer and educator Kenley Kristofferson. Mr. Kristofferson will receive $1,000 for his efforts. For more information about Kenley and his music, please go to In addition to Mr. Kristofferson’s winning composition, the jury wanted to publicly acknowledge the quality of The Solitary Life submitted by Matthew Donnelly. 


Now in its 5th year, the CBA’s 2016 Composition Competition received eleven (11) entries from across the nation. Entries are reviewed annually by the CBA Composition Competition Core Members.

To learn more about the competition, or to become an active member, please contact competition chair Jason Caslor at

CBA 2016 Composition Competition Core Members:

  Acadia Junior High (Darryl Ferguson)
  Arizona State University (Jason Caslor)
  Brandon University (Wendy McCallum)
  Festival City Winds Music Society (Wendy Grasdahl)
  Halifax All-City Music (Nathan Beeler)
  Sackville Community Bands (Jim Forde)
  Second Chances Band (Chris Ward)
  University of British Columbia (Rob Taylor)
  University of Saskatchewan (Darrin Oehlerking)
  University of Toronto (Gillian MacKay)
  Vincent Massey Collegiate (Jacquie Dawson)


CBA 2016 Composition Competition Affiliate Members:

  George P. Vanier School (Adam Mailman)
  University of Manitoba (Fraser Linklater)
  Westgate Mennonite Collegiate (Ross Brownlee)

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